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What is Pollen and Why Does it Cause Allergy Symptoms?

This time of year, pollen seems to cover, well… everything. If the warm weather and April showers have snuck up on you, and May flowers seem like an impending doom, it can lead you to wonder, what exactly is pollen, and why does it make us miserable in the spring and summer months? For many of us, eighth grade environmental science when we learned about pollination was a long time ago, but the CDC has answers to help us remember.

  1. Pollen grains are tiny seeds produced by flowering plants, trees, grass, and weeds. The pollen seasons vary based on location for different plants, but most of the pollen is dispersed in the warmer weather.
  2. When you are exposed to pollen grains, your body sometimes thinks that they are a threat, and therefore responds to the threat however it thinks will help you survive best.
  3. If the microscopic pollen gets in your eyes, you might not feel it, but your immune system could quickly go to work making your eyes water to flush out the tiny seeds.
  4. If the pollen in the air gets in your nose, mouth, or lungs, your body may make you sneeze, or allow some inflammation of the nasal and sinus passages to restrict how much of the pollen is making it further into your system.
  5. Individuals suffering from asthma may have even stronger or more frequent immune responses to pollen as the body tries to preserve its ability to breathe freely.

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