Medac Urgent Care

Our Mission is to provide fast, friendly, and affordable healthcare in every community. Founded by emergency medicine physicians in 1984, Medac began by expanding access to consistent, high-quality healthcare throughout the greater Wilmington, North Carolina area.

Urgent Care Group History

Based in Nashville, UCG was founded in 2017 to create the leading urgent care company. Urgent Care Group partners with premier health systems and excellent providers committed to expanding access to high-quality healthcare.

Our Values

  • Offer patients compassion throughout the shift
  • Make a new team member feel welcome
  • Smile, it goes a long way
  • Be the difference in each patient’s experience
  • Take initiative to ensure a successful shift
  • Learn and teach new skills
  • Support your team throughout the day
  • Introduce yourself to new team members
  • Share knowledge so everyone can succeed
  • Hustle to get to the next task
  • Skillfully manage busy shifts
  • Look for simpler solutions
  • Do the right thing, especially when no one is watching
  • Respect yourself and everyone around you
  • Demonstrate reliability to your team


David Maloney

Chief Executive Officer

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Troy Dinkel, MD

Chief Medical Officer and President

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mark divino

Chief Financial Officer

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kelly baynes

Vice President, Clinical Operations

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Amy Graves

Vice President, Administration and Information Services

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Cassandra James, DBA, RN, CHC

Vice President, Ethics and Compliance

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Vicki Platke

Vice President, Provider Relations

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Jeremy Taylor

Vice President, Human Resources

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Ashley Williams

Vice President, Patient Experience

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Kevin Hawk, RN

Senior Director, Clinical Relations

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Charneth Pfeiffer

Senior Director, Human Resources

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Terry Campbell

Director, Payor Contracting and RCM Services

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Marcy Everett

Director, Occupational Health Services

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Joe Godfrey

Director, Corporate Services

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Kelvin Liang

Director, Analytics and Operational Support

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Steve McGovern

Director, RCM Analytics

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