COVID-19 Vaccines Authorized for Emergency Use

March 03, 2021

Vaccines have been around for a long time, and while there aren’t any COVID-19 Vaccines fully approved by the FDA, there are currently three that have been issued clearance via an FDA Emergency Use Authorization. Below we have the facts on each of the three currently Authorized and Recommended Vaccines for COVID-19 Prevention from the CDC!

The CDC is also awaiting the results of Phase 3 Clinical Trials for two more vaccines from developers AstraZeneca and Novavax.

While our centers do not have the vaccines (yet), we are working on making them available to our patients. Please continue to monitor our website and social media for updates!

In the meantime, if you need care, our urgent cares are here to help! Our urgent care centers are open every day of the week 8:00 am to 8:00 pm- No appointment necessary! Our centers offer flu shots, flu tests, and COVID19 tests. To be seen by a provider, simply walk in, or save your spot online by clicking here. For information on time-saving E-registration click here. We look forward to helping you Get Better. Faster!