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What Exactly are Allergies?

The transition into spring brings warmer weather, blooming flowers, and for many people, annoying allergies. Since spring is the primary time of the year for seasonal allergies, you might notice yourself sneezing more often and not feeling the best.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to focus on learning more about what allergies are, and how we can combat them! So, make sure you stay tuned to The Minute every Wednesday for updated posts!

Our topic for this Wellness Wednesday is digging into what allergies are!

Allergies occur in your body when your immune system interprets a substance as harmful and then overreacts to it. These substances are referred to as allergens. When your body encounters an allergen, it creates an antibody called immunoglobulin which responds to the allergens, thus causing an allergic reaction.

In the spring, the most comment allergen is pollen. Pollen is released into the air from trees, grasses and weeds to fertilize other plants. Plants need pollen, but the human body see’s pollen as danger when you breathe it in, thus causing those runny noses, itchy eyes and many other allergy symptoms.

Allergies tend to be worse on breezy days as the wind will carry the pollen miles and miles away from the original source. But those rainy spring days help remove the pollen and give our immune systems a break from encountering pollen.

Many people confuse cold & flu symptoms with allergies. Though the weather is warmer, it does not mean that the flu is gone! Walk in one of our centers, no appointment necessary, and our providers will make you we get you feeling better!

Check back next week for part 2 of our allergy series on every day steps you can take to minimize allergy symptoms!


Information Source: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

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