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It Might be March, but Flu Season is Still in Full Swing

The weather might be getting a bit warmer, and allergies are on the rise, but we aren’t clear of flu season quite yet.

The CDC has reported that the flu activity is elevated this week as influenza A and influenza B are still circulating with about 5% of the population reporting flu-like symptoms (the national baseline is 2.2%)

So what can you do to make sure that you don’t get sick at the end of this flu season?

  • Wash your hands – carry hand sanitizer with you (60%+ alcohol) and make sure to sanitize after you shake hands, touch doors, etc.
  • Think you might be sick? Stay in the house – The flu spreads quickly. Help keep your friends and family from getting sick by staying home from work or school if you’re having flu like symptoms.
  • Flu symptoms getting worse? – The flu is a serious illness. Don’t take a chance, come visit us to make sure you get better quickly!
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