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Five Tips on Keeping Your Skin Healthy

November is National Healthy Skin Month! What better way to celebrate than to take a minute and find out the facts on keeping the body’s largest organ healthy? It might surprise you just how simple it can be!

  • Keep it clean! Hand washing keeps the germs at bay, and so does washing the rest of your body! Just be sure not to damage your skin with water that is too hot, and to moisturize with cream or lotion if it’s feeling dry or itchy.
  • Enjoy the sun, just do it safely! When you spend time in the sun your skin produces Vitamin D, which is great for your health. Just be sure to apply sunscreen as directed to keep your skin at its best!
  • Get moving! Exercise increases the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout your body and sweating helps to push impurities out from your pores.
  • Eat and hydrate well! Balanced nutrition with high quality whole foods and adequate water intake are important to your skin’s health just like to your other organs.
  • Sleep well! Overall health improves with adequate, quality, sleep. Since your skin is over-all your body, it makes sense that good sleep can help keep your skin healthy!

Keeping your skin healthy isn’t hard, overall. But it’s also easy to injure! Luckily if you need urgent care for your precious skin, Medac is happy to help with cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, and rashes! Our centers are open every day of the week 8:00 am to 8:00 pm! Just come in when you need us- no appointment necessary! Or click here to use our Save My Spot option!

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