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Five Interesting Facts About Sunscreen

We all know that sunscreen is important. No argument there! But are you using the right type of sunscreen to protect yourself? Sunscreen is hands down your best option in preventing Melanoma, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Read our five sunscreen facts below to make sure you are taking every step to protect yourself!

  • SPF Does Not Fully Protect You!

SPF only gives you protection against UVB rays. There are many other types of rays that can contribute to lines, wrinkles, pigmentation changes and most importantly skin cancer. Make sure that your sunscreen is labeled “Broad Spectrum” to protect both types of rays

  • Make Sure You are Using Enough Sunscreen

If you have sunscreen left after a summer of outdoor fun, then you are probably not using enough. You should use about 2 ounces of sunscreen (a shot glass worth) for each application.

  • Don’t Forget Your Lips!

Yes, your lips can get sun burnt. Get a lip balm that contains titanium dioxide and zinc which will block the sun’s rays.

  • Your Scalp Can Get Burnt

The best way to protect your scalp is to wear a hat. The second-best option is to buy scalp sunscreen, which is a non-greasy hair nourishing product that will protect your scalp from the sun.

  • Sunscreen is Safe

Nobody has died from chemicals in sunscreen, but every hour of the day someone is dying from melanoma. Choose to be safe and make sure that you and your family are using sunscreen.

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