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Debunking Common Urgent Care Myths

Urgent Care = Emergency Room


While urgent care centers provide many services that ER’s provide, we are not an ER. If you have trouble breathing, chest pain and/or uncontrollable bleeding, please call 911 and visit an ER.

For a complete list of our most common services please visit our Patient Services page

Urgent Cares are only for evenings & weekends

Our centers are open during the day as well! This gives you options for convenient and affordable health care throughout the day, in the evenings and on the weekends! No need to make an appointment, just walk in!

Urgent Care staff is not as good as emergency room staff

Our team is the number one factor in making sure that you get proper medical care. Our staff has the same training and credentials as any other medical facility. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing the best medical professionals to ensure you quick but impactful care!

Urgent Care’s cost the same as an ER

One of the number one differentiator at an urgent care center is cost. We can provide the same/similar services as other medical facilities for a small fraction of the cost. In fact, in a recent study completed by Health Grades, it was estimated that the average cost of going to an urgent care center was under $150, versus as ER which is closer to $1,000.

Urgent Cares are the same as retail walk in clinics

Unlike retail walk in clinics, we have X-Ray capabilities, labs & testing and more! You can receive comprehensive care at an urgent care!

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