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But There Isn’t A Gym Where I’m Going

The struggle is REAL y’all. But do you really have to gain 5 pounds while on vacation because your destination spot doesn’t have your gym nearby? We say, Nahhhhhh,and will provide you with a few helpful tips on staying fit while traveling.


Before we start thinking about sweat rolling down our foreheads, lets reminisce back to last weeks blog “Sweet Treats for Summer Fun.” We mentioned “moderation in key” to a healthy lifestyle. This goes for vacation too. When I finally take that “oh so needed” retreat, I have to remind myself of this daily. (Usually multiple times over the course of a day.)


Now, to the good stuff! Here are 3 helpful tips to keep your workout flow while on vacation:


#1. YouTube has a plethora of FREE workout videos that you can do IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM. There you will find low impact, cardio, yoga, HIIT, Tabatta, pilates, stretching (who doesn’t need a good stretch sash, am I right?). Your schedule, your level of fitness, you are in control.


#2. Social Media is a great way to connect with local FREE workout groups. Every city I’ve visited has at least one local workout group that meets for free. The time they meet may sway my decision to go, but the option is always there.


#3. Go for a run or walk and explore the area. Set time aside in your day to be deliberate about your workout. (we like early mornings when all the coffee drinkers are sitting on the front stoop waving when you go by.) This time should not be part of your “sight-seeing” experience where you stop at 2,746 different shops and smell ALL the homemade candles and soaps. This should be 20, 30, 45 minutes, whatever suits your needs, dedicated to your run/walk (ok maybe a few stops to window shop the local bakery too).


Most Importantly, be good to yourself!!! If you miss a workout one day, don’t sweat it (ahh pun intended)! Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity…. Carpe Diem!

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